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Basco Autoguard Fast Dry Enamel is a hard wearing paint used on truck

bodies , heavy commercial machinery or equipment. It is based on a

combination of good quality fast air drying resin and good quality light fast

pigments which give the finish excellent durability. It is air drying and has

excellent gloss and hardness combined with maximum flexibility. Basco

Autoguard Fast Dry Enamel is designed to give high gloss finish straight

from the gun and is therefore suited for use in large vehicles, including

railway coaches, aircrafts and heavy machineries and equipment etc. It

has an advantage of essentially being a one coat system which does not

require polishing to enhance gloss.


Finish: High Gloss. Gloss more than 80% @ 60o

C on Gloss Metre.

Colour Range: As requested

Pack Sizes: ½ litre, 1 litre, 4 litres.


Product: Basco Autoguard Fast Dry Enamel

Thinning: Use Basco Synthetic Fast Dry Enamel Thinner or Basco

Standard thinner.

Application: By spraying only, Recommended spraying viscosity is 26-

28 seconds B4 Cup and at a pressure of 55-60 p.s.i

Priming: Basco Autoguard Fast Dry is best applied onto Basco Autoguard

Cellulose Primer Surfacer or any Duracoat or Basco alkyd bared primer.

(For increased adgesion apply Duracoat Two Pack Etching Primer before

Autoguard Primer surfacer)

Drying Time: Dust free 15-20 minutes

Re-coating is not normally necessary. However if any recoating is required

then it should be within 30minutes of spraying the first coat. If recoating

after 2 hours or more, use only Basco Synthetic Fast Dry Enamel Thinner for thinning.


All surfaces to be painted must be dry, clean, and free from rust, dirt, oil,

grease or any other contaminants. It must be appropriately primed. Incase

of previously painted surfaces ensure that all loose or flaking materials

are completely removed prior to painting.


• Spray in well ventilated areas only.

• Wear eye goggles and protective clothing when spraying

• Do not use or keep near naked flame. INFLAMMABLE.

• Avoid skin and eye contact as material can be irritative.

• No polishing recommended after drying

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