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WACKER® CS – CONSTRUCTION SEAL 7 is a one-part, neutral low modulus silicone sealant with outstanding adhesion for construction and exterior weather sealing applications.


WACKER® CS – CONSTRUCTION SEAL 7 cures at room temperature in the presence of atmospheric moisture to give a permanent flexible silicone rubber.

Special features

Almost odorless

Matt finish

Long shelf life


Excellent tooling characteristics for professional use

Readily gunnable both at low (+5 °C) and high (+40 °C) temperatures

Rapid crosslinking: quickly becomes tack-free and crack resistant

Solvent-free, thus featuring low volume shrinkage during cure

Flexible at low (-40 °C) and high temperatures

(+150 °C) following cure

Excellent weatherability

Non-corrosive to metals and suitable for alkaline substrates such as concrete, mortar, fibrous cement


Sealing of connection and expansion joints

Suitable for weather sealing of many construction materials (e.g. glass, aluminium, stell, stone, concrete plastics)


WACKER® CS – CONSTRUCTION SEAL 7 is usually supplied in standard size cartridges that fit all standard caulking guns. Additionally, it is available in convenient sausages.

Safety notes

Comprehensive instructions are given in the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets. They are available on request from WACKER subsidiaries.

During vulcanization methanol and ethanol are released. These vapours should not be inhaled for long periods or in high concentration. Hence, good ventilation of the workplace is necessary.

Should uncured silicone rubber come into contact with eyes or mucous membranes, the affected area must be rinsed thoroughly with water as irritation will otherwise be caused. Avoid prolonged contact of uncured sealant with the skin – use a dry cloth or paper to remove it.

Keep out of reach of children. Cured silicone rubber, however, can be handled without any risk to health.

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