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is a water resistant white cement

based putty which provides a strong base on concrete/mortar walls and

ceilings. It fills the pores of the walls and ceilings, thereby providing a

white, smooth and dry surface for painting. Being water resistant, it

provides a protective base which prevents expensive paint from flaking.

Duracoat Internal and External Skim Coat has special added polymers

and more adhesive strength which provides a strong base ensuring a

longer life of the painted surface. It can be applied on freshly plastered

walls thus saving time.


• Being cementitious it has better adhesiveness and durability

with concrete walls

• Doesn’t need any kind of primer on it before application of paint

thus saving time and cost

• Can applied on interior and exterior walls and ceilings

• Gives a white and smooth finish surface which effectively

reduce the consumption of subsequent pints

• Does not require any water curing after application it is ecofriendly. It does not contain lead, oil or toxic material


FINISH: Rich lustrous matt

SPREAD RATE: 2-2.5 Sq.Mt/kg/mm depending on surface

POT LIFE: Approx 2hrs



Before applying Duracoat Internal and External Skimcoat remove all loosely

adhering material from the wll surface with the help of sand paper, putty

blade or wire brush. The substrate should clear, free from dust, grease

and loose materials. Moisten the wall with sufficient quantity of clean

water. It is very important and essential that the surface is wet thoroughy

before applicaton of Duracoat Internal & External Skim Coat. This ensures

higher bonding strength, easy workability and higher coverage with the


MIXING: Slowly mix Duracoat Internal and External Skim Coat with 40-

45% clean water to make a paste. It is important that water be added

to the putty to make a mix and not vice versa. Continue the mixing for

10-15minutes till a uniform paste is formed. It is very important that mixing

of Duracoat Internal & External Skim Coat should be done thoroughly

preferably with a mechanical mixer. This will help in easy application,

obtaining more coverage and smooth uniform shade.


Apply the first coat of Duracoat Internal and External Skimcoat using a

blade on the wall. Allow the surface to dry for 4-6hours. After drying of

the first coat of Duracoat Internal and External Skim Coat just rub the

surface gently with a wet sponge or with a putty blade to remove the loose

particles. Then apply a second coat of Duracoat Internal & External Skim

Coat. Leave the surface to dry overnight/ 10-12 hours. After drying of the

second coat of skim coat remove any marks with a wet sponge or with a

putty blade. It is recommended not rub the surface done with Duracoat

Internal & External Skimcoat stongly and harshly with rough emery paper.

This breaks down the film formed over it which decreases the water

repellency properties. If at all there is need to remove any unevenness

gently level the surface with very fine waterproof emery paper. The total

thickness of the coats should be limited to a maximum of 2 mm.


Generally the cause of efflorescence on the wall surface is due to salty

water or salt in sand/bricks. If the effect of efflorescence is very high then

the proper care should be taken to control the efflorescence, Otherwise,

Duracoat Internal and External Skimcoat will not stick to the wall and

flaking problems may arise.


• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

• Store the product at ambient conditions in well ventilated

locations and away from sources of ignition and fire.

• Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of eye and skin contact,

wash with plenty of clean water. If symptoms persist, seek

medical advise.

• Do not inhale or ingest. In case of inhalation, move to fresh

air and seek medical attention if symptoms persist in both the


• Use appropriate personal protective equipment.

• In high humidity areas, use of a bio wash solution is

recommended to remove surface fungus growth, fungal spores,

mould etc. before application of the paint system.

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