Crown Thinner White Spirit

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Shop Crown Thinner White Spirit from Maraba Stores Ltd and get it delivered to your doorstep in 2 days.

It’s used with most solvent-based decorative primers and finishes including:

  • Gloss and Eggshell enamels
  • Undercoats and Primers for wood
  • Metal and plaster
  • Roof and Floor Paints
  • Aluminium and Bituminous Paints
  • Single pack varnishes and stains

Whilst inferior quality thinners can be used for cleaning equipment, it is important to use only Crown White Spirit for thinning as the use of inferior materials will affect the performance of the paint both with regard to the appearance of finish and drying characteristics.


  • Slow-drying hence not evaporating fast, thus aiding adhesion of coatings to surfaces
  • Excellent prevention of paint from hardening and ruining the bristles
  • Wide range of products including gloss and eggshell enamels, undercoats and primers, roof and floor paints, bituminous and single pack varnishes and stains
  • Excellent cleaning properties

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